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Joh Jos Prum 2017 Riesling Release

The annual JJ Prum tasting is my favourite event of the year. I try to come to the tasting without prejudice. It's hard to resist reading what the critics are saying, or the views of other wine merchants. I'm curious, but by the same token, prior knowledge can be an...

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A guide to the Jura’s unique wines

Recently, my wife and I opened two different bottles of Bourgogne Blanc. Both wines shared some superficial similarities - they were a similar price, from the 2015 vintage and both made by famous producers. We were looking to have a Burgundian experience on a budget....

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Bodegas Exopto – The Real Soul of Rioja

It can be confronting meeting a winemaker for the first time. I suppose it's like any social situation. What do we talk about? The wines I guess, but what else? Are we going to get on and if not, do I really want to sell their wines? Should I be willing to make...

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Keller 2018 Riesling and Silvaner – It begins

I get asked all the time - what is the best wine you've ever had? Or, who is your favourite producer? I always find these questions impossible to answer. There are infinite variables and, equally, infinite responses. But if I had to choose a single producer that makes...

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Ashton Hills – Estate Pinot Noir 2017 and more

An Australian icon, Ashton Hills is one of this country's foremost Pinot Noir producers. From the Piccadilly Valley sub region in the Adelaide Hills, this tiny 3ha vineyard was originally planted in 1982. The vineyard sits at an elevation of 570 metres and averages...

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Verdier-Logel – Cotes du Forez, Loire Valley

Presumably the Cotes du Forez is not the first appellation that comes to mind when you think of the Loire? I tried this question on my wife and her first response was "um, um, Muscadet?". Nice. Most of us, I think, would respond with Sancerre, Vouvray, Chinon, or if...

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Harkham Wines – New Release Rose and Shiraz

Towards the end of trade tastings, I've had enough. Trying dozens, sometimes up to a hundred wines has its obvious, unique challenges - even when you spit. The wines start to blur, along with my critical faculties. Oddly enough, it's at this point in the tasting that...

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Hunter Valley Hidden Gems – Thomas Wines

To say Thomas Wines from the Hunter Valley is a hidden gem may sound ridiculous. There is nothing 'hidden' about it. Indeed, when most people list their favourite Hunter Valley producers, Thomas Wines is always at the top of that list. With a new cellar door on the...

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The Best Value Rieslings in the World

The recent Riesling Galaxy tasting in Sydney provided an unmissable opportunity to try some of the best value Rieslings from around the world. My overwhelming impression from the tasting is that quality and value is consistent at all price points. The Riesling market...

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Joh Jos Prum 2016 Release – Riesling Heaven

From the first sniff and taste, it is clear that 2016 is a wonderful vintage for JJ Prum and tasting these wines is a special experience. Prum's wines are often described as reductive or closed when released. This is not the case with the 2016's, which all exhibit...

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Garagiste – a new benchmark in Australian wine

It is difficult to describe the pleasure we experienced tasting the wines of Garagiste. Usually within a range there would be something that marks a wine whether you like it or not. Something that makes you into a critic and you start assessing the wine a little too...

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Koomilya – Reaching for the stars

'All other creatures look down toward the earth, but man was given a face so that he might turn his eyes towards the stars and gaze upon the sky'. I could not help but ponder this thought (Ovid’s) when tasting the new releases of Koomilya. The ambition to express the...

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Maison Leroy – Burgundian royalty

The latest release of the Maison Leroy wines caused a stir at Waters Wine as we had never had the opportunity to taste a Leroy wine before. A legend in the wine world, Lalou Bize-Leroy was until 1992 a co director of the Domaine de la Romanee Conti. After leaving DRC...

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Riesling – a perfect fit for Australia

Much has been written in the wine press about the greatness of Riesling. According to many wine writers and Masters of Wine it’s the greatest white grape of all. So why then has it not been embraced so warmly by the Australian consumer when it’s a perfect fit for our...

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