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Great things are happening at Bannockburn under the stewardship of Matt Holmes.

All their organically managed, close-planted vineyards will be fully certified this year. Holmes believes that as soon as they had started the process of stimulating vine health years earlier, the upshot in fruit quality (its brightness and vigour) was immediately noticeable in the resultant wines.

The Chardonnay is as deep, complex, concentrated and structured as any in Australia. Bannockburn’s Pinot Noirs are a masterclass of light and shade. Power and elegance, bright fruit, deep cores and lacy structures. They have never, ever been better.

This release sees just two wines in limited quantities:

Bannockburn SRH Chardonnay 2019

This is our kind of Chardonnay. Full bodied and concentrated, soaring bouquet of citrus, stone fruit, cashew, wood spice, burnt butter and honey. Deep luscious palate, mouthcoating and captivating. Clotted cream, juxtaposed with intense lifted fruit and citrus minerality. Huge proportions, in every sense and as chiselled as a Bernini. Classic, grand Australian Chardonnay.

Bannockburn De La Terre Pinot Noir 2019

Intense cherry, plum, blood orange, lavender wood, geranium, clove, aniseed and mixed Provencal herbs. Expansive palate, with a wide plane of flavour and texture. Focused and tight, the oak really grips and ties the wine together, whilst the whole bunches slip in a slippery, sappy, unravelling feel. Unique structure, in its complexity, textural detail and apparent opposites. Wonderful, just wonderful, ravishing and compelling.


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