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Sweet vibrancy is such a hard combination to achieve. I would normally associate wines made from healthy ripe grapes that are also refreshing and cleansing with Sangiovese from Chianti, Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley or the reds of Valpolicella. But regional NSW? Certainly.

Ravensworth’s 2021 reds are the best yet from this iconic producer. Sweet fruits, bright acid, sleek frames and mineral tannins make for versatile, lip-smacking drinking. Bistro or restaurant reds, they will pair with an incredible array of foods and satisfy all palates. There is also the multi-regional blend – the 2021 Long Way Around Malbec et al – which is the best Australian Malbec-based wine we’ve seen. Are blends better? That’s a question for another day, but taste this and have a think. Awesome, great value, lip smacking drinking.


Ravensworth Sangiovese 2021

If someone were to ask what a Sangiovese tasted like, this is the wine I would put in front of them. Lavender wood, cherry, tobacco and brambly fruit. Vivid, juicy and savoury, I love the brightness of the fruit, coupled with savoury firm tannins. Mid weight and so much vibrancy to pair with so many different foods. European in style, for drinking, not tasting. Bargain stuff.


Ravensworth Montepulciano 2021

One of the most accessible red varietals to come out of Italy, with sweet dark fruits and a full curvy shape. Ravensworth’s is a fine example, and you can match it with the cliched pizza or pasta, but this is better with more serious food. Medium to full bodied, with aforementioned dark fruits, cola, lavender wood and Christmas spice. Soft tannins and soft acidity and the tell tale round shape. Just a lovely wine, with abundant personality and great versatility.


Long Way Round 2021 Malbec et Al 2021

One of the best examples of Malbec in Australia, albeit with a little help from some Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Malbec flavours do dominate however with dark fruits, kirsch, violets, aniseed and clove. Vivid and deep, so juicy and refreshing, and the cabernet elements weave in angles and stiffening structure. Mineral and buoyant and for all that, lovely ripe, firm velvet tannins.


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