What’s the Festive Season without Champagne? Our selection this year comes from producers large and small, many of which featured at Taste Champagne 2018. All the wines on offer are at great prices and showcase the quality and diversity of the region.

Furthermore, they offer incredible value. Compared with other premier wine regions and indeed sparkling wines from elsewhere in the world, these Champagnes are evidence that try as we might, no one makes bubbles like the French.  We feature producers who have a unique style and identity. They are all wonderful and different, so if you have the time and the means, give them all a try!

Veuve Fourny & Fils – Pure, tense, mineral and silkily textured Champagnes.

Blanc de Blancs NV – $55

Grande Reserve NV – $55

Rose  – $73

Larmandier Bernier – Vigorous, mineral, energetic Champagnes with driving power.

Latitude Blanc de Blancs NV – $75

Longitude Blanc de Blancs NV – $83

Terre de Vertus Blanc de Blancs 2011 – $100

Laherte Freres – Unique Champagnes of profound flavour and texture.

Ultradition NV – $60

Blanc de Blancs NV – $67

Rose de Meunier NV – $73

Les Empreintes NV – $90

Agrapart – Exhilarating, elegant and classic Champagne with a touch of exoticism.

Grand Cru Terriors Blanc de Blancs – $91

Louis Roederer – Precise, powerful Champagnes – unbridled hedonism.

Brut Premier NV – $70

2012 Brut Vintage – $110

2012 Brut Vintage Rose – $110

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