Fletcher C21 Langhe DOC Chardonnay 2021


Labelled as Fletcher, as half of the fruit is bought, the other from his own vineyard on the Bricco Capre. Classic chardonnay flavours, yet the shape and structure are all its own. Grapefruit, peach, jasmine, subtle oak notes and rock melon. Super intense palate, so bright, tight and coiled. The fruit is of the highest quality, so pure and the flavours delineated. Like the Favorita, roundly shaped, but corseted by fine grain oak and an incredible volume of natural acidity. Lovely mid palate weight, hinting at riches and glories to come. At the moment, elemental, yet balanced just so. Give this a couple of years if you can, or many more if you’d prefer, this will be very long lived. Waters Wine Co.


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