Domaine Plageoles Gaillac Mauzac Nature Sparkling 2020


“The first time I tasted [Plageoles] Mauzac Nature was in the late ‘90s—in a wine bar called Le Mauzac. It had just been put on the market, and its exhilarating freshness made me laugh out loud with pleasure. Most recently I drank the 2014 Mauzac Nature… Quand Meme!!! A blend of strong citrus flavors mixed with ginger, apple, and light minerality, it was structured, fresh and vigorous. Pure pleasure. There is only one thing to say to the Plageoles: Thank you.” Jacqueline Friedrich, The World of Fine Wine issue 52


Organic. Gaillac méthode ancestrale wines are the mother of pét-nats, and there is no better example than the Plageoles Mauzac Nature. Gaillac’s very long history of producing méthode ancestrale sparkling wines goes back to the 1500s (long before Champagne began producing sparkling wines). In fact, so synonymous was Gaillac with pét-nats, back in the day Méthode Gaillacoise was a widely used synonym for méthode ancestrale. The Plageoles example is from a 40-year-old parcel of the exceptionally rare Mauzac Rose grape variety.

In simple terms, the naturally fermented base wine is chilled to stop the fermentation when there is still 25-30 g/L residual sugar. The following spring, the wine is put into bottle and the fermentation continues under cork, producing the bubbles. There are no other additions and no need for dosage, as the bottle fermentation naturally stops when there is still a touch of residual sugar left in the wine.

It’s a wild, lip-smacking, slightly off-dry delight, fragrant and textural with sweet pear, cider apple, and a hint of musk. A beautiful pillowy texture leads to a complex, flavourful close, balanced by a kiss of natural sweetness. A pét-nat of sheer refreshment! As there is no disgorgement, you can expect a slight cloudiness in the bottle.


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