Benjamin Leroux Blagny 1er Cru La Pièce Sous Le Bois 2020


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Five Star Wine. In Blagny we trust! A fine glowing rich crimson purple. This has plenty of power to it, blackberries and bilberries, then a finish on cleaner fresher red fruit, quite a lot of nuance, good acidity and fine boned tannins, really very persistent. Lovely aftertaste.” 92-94 points, Jasper Morris, Inside Burgundy


Natural cork. Leroux owns two parcels of vines in Meursault-Blagny’s highest 1er Cru, La Pièce Sous Le Bois. The first is 0.44-hectares of Chardonnay planted in 1953. The second is planted to Pinot and therefore must be labelled as Blagny La Pièce Sous Le Bois (whites from Blagny can be labelled as Meursault or Puligny, subject to their precise location). Leroux has long beaten the drum for this limestone-rich, high-altitude terroir, firstly for its whites and even more so for its underappreciated reds. He is only getting more vocal with the changes in the climate!

Leroux first vinified a Pinot from here in 2014 and was so enamoured with the quality he acquired an estate parcel at the earliest opportunity, in 2017. This should be a case of enough said. Back then, when discussing the terroir, Leroux would have a sparkle in his eyes. That both Leroux’s wines from this site have a Five Star review from Jasper Morris this year tells you plenty. The combination of warmer and/or drier seasons and the high rocky terroir has seen this area excel in recent years. The winegrowing is certified biodynamic and no new oak or whole bunches are used.  A lovely, layered red Burgundy, and yet another bargain in the context of today’s pricing.


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