Fletcher Langhe Nebbiolo 2022


100% Nebbiolo from two different zones. Roero and Barbaresco. 100% destemmed. Open ferment, very little
plunging, every 2 to 3 days. No post ferment soak. Old wood. 300ltr hogs head. Elevage for 12 to 14 months.

The Langhe Nebbiolo has evolved a little bit from what it was originally. It used to be 100% Roero fruit and
called Nebbiolo d’Alba because that’s the zoning there. The past few years I’ve been incorporating/blending
with fruit from young Barbaresco vineyards that’s essentially changed the name to Langhe Nebbiolo because
it you can’t call it Nebbiolo d’Alba if you’re getting fruit in the Barbaresco zone.

Two differing parcels go into open top fermenters that post ferment go to old wood for between 12 and 14
months aging. We’re running at about 85% Roero, 15% from Barbaresco. But my intention is to move to 100%
Barbaresco zone in the future.

Stylistically the wine is changing and will as we move further to Barbaresco fruit. Roero is famous for
Nebbiolo because of it’s sandier soil that make wines more approachable. More finer tension, they actually
evolve quite fast as well, over short periods that become really soft and developed. My intention is to move
over to Barbaresco to reflect what I’m doing with the Barbaresco Crus. The Barbaresco zone from brings in
more complex, more structured version than any other fruit so it just it gives more backbone to the wine,
making this blend more serious than just the classical 100% Roero style. So you’ll see that evolution over the
next few years as we develop a greater percentage of Barbaresco coming into the Langhe Nebbiolo. David Fletcher


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