Fletcher Barbaresco Recta Pete DOCG 2021


In 2021 is the introduction of the Ronchi Cru to the blend. Three Cru’s go into the composition of the Recta
Pete. David uses the younger sections of his vineyards in Faset, Roncaglie & now Ronchi.
2021 blend is 40% Roncaglie, 30% Faset & 30% Ronchi. Recta Pete means ‘shoot straight’, a nod to David’s
Scottish family’s heritage as former arrow makers and his original vision of making Barbaresco.

100% destemmed. Open ferment, No post ferment soak. Elevage in old oak, over 10 years old, 300ltr barrels.
Barbaresco can only be released on the 3rd January following harvest, giving the wine approx. 27 months
total aging. David ages his wines for 24 months in barrel (legally it only needs be 12 as a minimum) then 3
months in bottle.

The three Cru’s give of course differing characteristics to the overall wine. David explains that Roncaglie is
South West facing, a little more shaded so longer hang time & more ferrous soils = Dark fruits, more masculine
tannin. Faset has the same soils as Roncaglie, slightly cooler, David comments it has the densist structure,
more Barolo than Barbaresco. Ronchi is East facing and in this vintage adds some ‘freshness’ to the wine.
David on adding Ronchi Cru to the blend.

After we lost our Starderi fruit in 2020 I went out looking for a new vineyard and one of the things that I was
really interested in was working with a purely East facing slope as the weather’s getting warmer. East is
becoming a more favorable position because it’s only morning sun, it doesn’t get the west exposure of the
afternoon sun which can be quite intense.

I managed to get a parcel of that just to see what it was like and to see whether I could start regularly
producing from this site for both Recta Pete and as single Cru bottling as well. So, in 2021 we did exactly that,
made it separately. We were very happy with the quality but we in fact blended all of it into the Recta Pete.
That wasn’t because the quality wasn’t there to be bottled on its own as a Cru but just because our desire was
to build the qty of Recta Pete which is our most sought after wine and namesake. We want to have a good
entry level Barbaresco coming out every year. David Fletcher


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