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Dr Loosen Urziger Wurzgarten Riesling Auslese 2016

Auslese [OWS-lay-zuh] means “selected from the harvest”, and is a luscious, limited production sweet wine made from very ripe clusters that are about 50 per cent affected by botrytis. The botrytis mould, (aka “Noble Rot”) draws moisture from the grapes, dehydrating them and concentrating the juice. The resulting wine is dense, intensely flavoured and rich on the palate, but balanced by Riesling’s naturally crisp acidity. The red volcanic soil of the Ürziger Würzgarten vineyard produces wines of a completely unique nature. The wines showcase the typically juicy and precocious fruit of the “spice garden,” with a rich mouth feel, zippy acidity and lingering finish. The Ürziger Würzgarten Auslese is enormously rich, with gorgeous layers of fruit and a lush texture. It is a massive wine that will reward cellaring for many decades.

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