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Dr Loosen Erdener Pralat Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel 2016

Erdener Prälat (pronounced AIR-din-er PRAY-laht) is considered by many to be the greatest vineyard in the Mosel region. Dr. Loosen has the largest holdings in this legendary four-acre vineyard, with 1.5 acres. The site has perfect southern exposure, a 100-percent (45°) slope, very old vines in mineral-rich red slate soil, and an ideal location directly adjacent to the river. All of these advantages, combined with its position below huge, heat-retaining cliffs, explain why Dr. Loosen never harvests anything less than Auslese-level ripeness from this vineyard. The gold capsule is reserved for an Auslese of special distinction. For us, that means Erdener Prälat, the tiny slice of perfection that sits at the base of the red slate cliffs between Erdener Treppchen and Ürziger Würzgarten. Because of its ideal exposition and warm vineyard climate, Erdener Prälat always produces the most kaleidoscopic wines, pulling together elements of all the other single vineyard sites into a glorious singularity. This special selection is made from clusters that are fully botrytis affected, but not quite shrivelled to Beerenauslese concentration.

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